Quodd Heroes

Created by Ryan Iler - Wonderment Games

Quodd Heroes
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2,923 backers pledged C$370,005.00 on Kickstarter

Quodd Heroes is a super-unique scenario based action adventure game with completely original mechanics and miniatures.

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C$370,005.00 / 2,923 backers
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C$57,543.00 / 2,916 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: November 2017
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Local Pick up in Ottawa, ON Canada
Local Pick up is available in Ottawa, ON Canada.


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French Language Add-On
Printed French rulebook and cards for Quodd Heroes.


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Quodd Heroes KS Edition
Quodd Heroes KS Edition with all unlocked stretch goals
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Quodd Heroes KS Edition - All-IN (includes dice and map add-ons)
Quodd Heroes KS Edition with all unlocked stretch goals plus: Dice and Cloth Bag Addon and Map P... more »
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Fringe Underground Map Pack
Journey into the underground of Fringe, Includes: - 3 Additional double sided game boards -... more »
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Colored Dice and Cloth Bags Add-On
12 colored dice (2 for each character in the base game, plus Pinky), plus a cloth dice back and a... more »
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Quodd Heroes Weekend Getaway
Quodd Heroes Weekend Getaway - An exclusive weekend getaway with Ryan the designer of Quodd heroe... more »
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Group / Retail pledge (6x Quodd Heroes)
6 copies of Quodd Heroes Kickstarter Editions with all unlocked stretch goals. ($70 per copy)
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Group / Retail pledge (12x Quodd Heroes)
12 copies of Quodd Heroes Kickstarter Editions with all unlocked stretch goals. ($68 per copy)

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Language support
Language support


Quodd Heroes is an action-strategy adventure board game for one or more players ages 10 and up. 

Platform video game meets tabletop miniatures game in a completely original tabletop board game experience.  It is like nothing you've ever seen or played!  

Become an astounding cube-shaped character that moves by tumbling and has a different skill assigned to each face of its cube-shaped body. Then, mix in incredible ability upgrades, a fantastic array of power-ups, devices, pets and ancient powerful runes. Finally, choose one of the many different scenarios to setup your adventure and you're ready for action and mayhem in the beautiful, dangerous, and unpredictable world of Quoddria! 

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Core Box Contents:

  • 5 Different Character Miniatures (2 of each character, 1 for play and one as a game aide / reference.
  • 5 cardboard player mats (1 for each character)
  • 25 "skill tiles" - 3mm thick (5 for each character)
  • 35 Upgrade tiles - 3mm thick (5 for each character)
  • 15 Acrylic crystal miniatures in 3 different colors.
  • 6 Large double-sided game boards (core box)
  • 100+ 3mm thick tokens for use on the game boards including, tunnels, trap doors, walls, teleporters, crystals, switches, springs etc.
  • 80+ Card Premium Ivory-Core exploration deck featuring more than 38 unique cards in five different types.
  • 1 custom engraved direction die
  • 1 custom engraved D6
  • 20+ Ivory Core World Event cards

Moving Platforms Expansion:

  • 1 large double sided game board
  • 12+ smaller moving platform boards
  • 12 platform direction tokens
  • New Scenarios

Plus All Unlocked Stretch Goals!



To purchase an add-on just add the value of the add-on to your pledge amount. 



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 Rules Overview Video










 Designer Solo Play-through

 DiceCast - Four Player Play-through Video



This project will have EU, USA, Canada and Australia friendly shipping (no duties and taxes).  We will also be shipping Asian pledges directly from China to reduce shipping rates for backers in Asia.

If you have questions about shipping to your particular location send me a note and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Shipping Charges :

USA: $15 CAD
EU: $15 CAD
Canada : $15 CAD
Australia: $25 CAD
China: $15 CAD
Japan: $22 CAD
New Zealand: $30 CAD
Taiwan: $15 CAD
Hong Kong: $15 CAD
Norway: $15 CAD
Switzerland: $15 CAD
UK: $15 CAD
Liechtenstein: $15 CAD
Everywhere Else: $35 CAD

Currency Conversions 

 Remember that your pledge is in Canadian Dollars, and your card will be billed in Canadian Dollars when the campaign ends. Currency exchange rates change regularly. Look at your local currency exchange rate toward the end of the campaign for the most current price.